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A Story

A Story about glory and honour ?

You may ask yourself now what this has to do with Unreal, but, maybe you should read it first :)

It was early in the year 1998, if i remember correctly, i started as the sys and network admin of a Cybercafe. Fresh from USA we got a game called Unreal. It looked pretty nice, maybe the best grafix i've seen for a computer game. I installed this game on all of my 12 Computers. You should know, i wasn't a gamer at all, maybe a bit of tombraider.... I saw people playing this game with a mouse. I thought to myself: these people must be mad, complete nuts, a mouse is something to work with ! - so i tried to play this game with keyboard first, worked fine for the first 2 levels of unreal in easy mode. But soon i must recognize that i lost any game against someone with a mouse. AAARGH, WITH A MOUSE !- ok, i tried it, and in the next half year i had nothing to show from playing unreal with the mouse, and still loosing any game against any idiot around, guys talking shit, guys who do not play fair, and some good games with people helped me to find out tricks and hints. Lost games which were good ? Yes, right. A few of these games i lost were real good games, it made fun, because these boys 'n girls i played against won but they never laughed about me. More and more i learned and learned, believe me, i lost many games, and i was very frustrated, but killing the people who were worse than me was even more frustrating...

So i practiced and practiced and practiced and i never gave up because as i wanted to reach the best players , those who were fighting with these rulez i'm telling you here, winning against me without a chance for me to get a point. Real good games. Worth to reach this high level of precission and experience.

Today i'm a good player i think, using mouse sensitivity 70 and now i'm one of these guys helping newbies out to learn this game, to give'em a chance to get better, not to frustrate'em that much that they leave Unreal after playing their first two map because of people with aimbots and people who need to kill the others while they are respawning.

And i'm still loosing games. There are still guys who laugh about me because they win against me.I really donno why, there are good and bad days, there are days i'm loosing all the time and there were times i won allone against five enemys with 50 to -15 , and winning or loosing isn't making allone a good game. Such things like spawnkilling and maybe aimbots isn't necessary and destroys any game. Winning a game because of these methods isn't worth to be described as a won game.I hope you understand now why.

Don't spawnkill. Collect items instead, thats enough advantage ;) - But what do to with those players shooting me in the back directly after spawning ? The real good players will let you run into the other direction.If anyone gives u the chance to collect a weapon, run into the other direction. What to do with the newbie shooting with dispersion gun at me ? Try to tell him the rulez, and if it still shoots at you, kill it.

Camping...whats camping ? in every game i meet someone who's camping you may say. My definition of camping is : To defend/stay at one place where other people are spawnign and kill'em. Worst thing : SPAWNCAMPING. Camping is even to stay at one place where the other players go to get a weapon or any item: like ASDM EIGHTBALL SUPERHEALTH. And you can say a camper is anyone who's killing other people several times from the same point , but only if it is a point in which u can't attack him yourself, or you only can see him after he killed you. I think thats the best definition of Camping. IT IS NOT ! to stay a few seconds on an tactical good point to snipe or to hide in a corner when you hear the enemy is behind you. This is part of the game, and any good player will do this.

Sure there are maps in which u can't prevent spawnkilling like morbias, and some deathmatchgames in the net may require a harder kind of gameplay, including some spawnkills. Including spawnkills ? Really ? - Sometimes if in these games anyone is making spawnkills it isn't the problem i think, but don't forget ! This should be an exception ! And is NOT the kind of playing in any Clanwar, League or Tourney.

And one with thing i still have. If anyone is able to make me angry i'll lose the game, can't play anymore... :)

I think you can use this all arround in unreal, call it decency or, maybe "how a real good player should win or loose a game", and maybe if you win the game you will have some feelings about glory and honour.