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New fanfic: "OldUnreal World Order" part 1 and 2, aka OUWO

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Leo T_C_K
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New fanfic: "OldUnreal World Order" part 1 and 2, aka OUWO

Post by Leo T_C_K »

This is based on a joke from that one thread. There was meant to be another
prelude story however I didn't get around to writing it...

Here's the story:

The OldUnreal World Order, Prelude:

We begin by focusing our cameramamans onto our new hero, Frank "Maisie Williams Sinatra" Miller. He was just part of an ordinarirairy SWAT bullshit ACAB NEG ING IGN team....
when suddenly...

he discoverz a top secret facility located...JUST IN HIS GARAGE


everyone is involved...the Inuit Corporation...even Liandri lent a hand

and they are growing...and something went wrong...something

suddenly a giant elevator FALLS DOWN right after FRANK SINTARA noticed an empty broken JAR OF GIGANTITANIC proportions.

And suddenly the door swings flies open in all DIRECTIONS, SOUTH NORTH EAST WEST WESTEAST OF PEAKOS

and...out comes HIM

yes...its a mutated finnish band HIM mutated into one giant monster dude with multiple heads and he tears a PIPE ANd SHOUTs



Frank shouts: "Don't call me SHIRLEY!"

And starts opening fire with his machine guns, his grenade mortar launchers, his chainsaws and lawnmowers and anything else he can he throws into this mutated DUDE FUCKING HUGE!

Speaking of the devil, mutated and resurrected dude huge evil clifftyB ReAppearsarsar SARS COVID 190000

HAHA HA we developed the fucking VIRUS in here too you MOFO! "Says DUDE HUGE CLIFFTYB"


and he fires a fucking nuke grenade into the whole lab, destroying it as he escapes, purely by the blast bvlasting him up the ice grand master ICER SHAFT ICE T FOOL
elevator shaft....

And then he gets blasted through DRIVE SHAFT and up he goes, sits in his car and then ponders....and sees suddenly...everywhere around him....some zombified whiteish dudes

and they say

"We are the Necris."

"Necris huh?" ponders Frank Maisie Maddie

"Yes" says their leader, a stupid necris bitch....

"We have come, we intend to multiply our numbers and that's what the lab was for"

"Unfortunately the people from Inuit have fucked up, but us Commies will be victorious"

"Wait, what?! Commmies? I should have sought eternal life! You created yourself and now you're spreading through the cosmoc under new fucking IDENTIFTITY!"

"Yes and together with our own allied parties, which you have no idea about and it would be difficult and pointless to explain this to you and make this whole speech fucking useless, together we all and the unseen shocking parties you will have to reveal for yourself because this plot is so fucking stupid,
WE ALL will lead the world into the brand new OLDUNREAL WORLD ORDER!!!! "

hahahaha *laughs the evil Necris Bitch*

"You are so fucked!"

says her and she presses depressurized dmpressure rule34 button that will send FRANK MADDIN MASIE SADOMASO WILLIAMS further way and suddenly...he gets rescued by
and he teleports him away on his flying FRIGATE from the same UT map...

and tells him..."now we are in the void, but you will witness events and have to team up with other bunch of heroes in order to ...make a difference..."

*he smiles and teleports away with his mysterious briefcase, and leaves a teleporter for our new hero*

Frank steppes in....

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Leo T_C_K
OldUnreal Member
Posts: 3421
Joined: Sat Aug 27, 2005 6:24 pm

Re: New fanfic: "OldUnreal World Order" part 1 and 2, aka OUWO

Post by Leo T_C_K »

I haven't had time to post this on archiveofourown yet so have patience. Also this contains an annendum at the end:

OUWO Part 2:

So...we begin by Frank stepping into the teleporter, but instead of it teleporting him, it teleports him AND the whole flying FRIGATE, that now belongs to NALI AIR FORCE, right next to the Morpheus towers.

We see Duke Nukem fighting some aliens on top of the towers, when suddenly, a jet fighter flies and crashes into one of the towers.

Frank, on top of the FRIGGIN' FRIGATE now wide-eyed stares.

Dune Kukem: Time to dial 911!

Audience: That is a bit insensitive also the numbers remind of 9/11!

Frank: Are you sure with that? Look!

*another jet smashes into the other tower, fire everywhere, suddenly confused travolta appears on the top of the middle tower, looking very confused and doing his signature look-around gesture.

Duke: More like "Time to die ON 9/11" then!

Marilyn brandon appears next to confused john: "Actually today is 9/11, again...omg this can't be a coincidence, it might be an inside job"

Frank: "You know what? you might be right, given where I've been, they talked about some kind of new "OldUnreal World Order" if I am not mistaken...."

Marilyn: "yea and if they see that Friggin huge Frigate they will think that it was the cause!"

*mr profit appears*

"Oh, my apologies, but its good to see you here, I suggest you all get aboard the Frigate now!"

marilyn: "Look. there's some escape pod about to crash, quickly get onto the frigate!"

*escape pod crashes into the mid-tower and everyone looks wide-eyed as they see the morpheus towers crumble*

Suddenly, Luke the Ground Flyer appears.

"But we thought you were dead!"

"ah long story fellas" says Luke "that was actually my clone, or I believe so"

*necris bitch appears in her flyer*

"ha, I told you, and this was just a start!"

"she's with the commies" says Frank...

"COMMIES?!" says Confused John

"Yes" says the BITCH


:she answers and disappears:

Now luke:

"Either's all because of Tencent, CCCCCCP, People Can Fly, Nali Can Fly, Flying Warthogs, Frigates, yes like your one...I feel the DARK SIDE emanating from it somehow, it better be gotten rid of! "

*he uses his SCHWARTZ powerz and flips a couple of switches*

*suddenly the FRIGATE gets teleported to the Na PALI HAVENS IZLAND*

"Can we reverse this?! what if the rest of Nali Air Force like those floating pyramids over there, find out??!" says Marilyn...

"lemme see" *travolta flips few switches*



*the nali island starts descending while UT's ending.umx plays...and slowly crashes into ISV HMAEL KRAN and just after JONEZY escapes from it*

TO BE CONTINUED?! Maybe in Six Shells Part 2? Maybe a prequel? Who NOZE



The story that was meant to be posted before this was "Return of Luke The Ground Flyer" but some events put stop to it, so that story might come later or not at all....
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Leo T_C_K
OldUnreal Member
Posts: 3421
Joined: Sat Aug 27, 2005 6:24 pm

Re: New fanfic: "OldUnreal World Order" part 1 and 2, aka OUWO

Post by Leo T_C_K »

Part 5 AKA The Ultimate LIFE -Fan-(Wank) (Chloro)Formaldehyde

had this idea for a while though some things I will have to get back to/refer later. Didn't get to do this because of all the IRL shit before.
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