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How to export model with attached weapon ?

UnrealEd 2.1 (227i) and UnrealEd 2.2 (227j), for Unreal 227. With many additions, bugfixes and improvements. Ask mapping related questions, or give hints, tips and tricks.
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How to export model with attached weapon ?

Post by SkaarjRPG »

Unrealed 2.1 I believe, I have a for example, ash male model, and how do I attach weapon so it can be extracted as one model
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Leo T_C_K
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Re: How to export model with attached weapon ?

Post by Leo T_C_K »

I don't think its that simple. In theory you could try something crazy like converting it to a brush (via the static mesh options), both models, merge them together as one brush, convert into staticmesh, then export that and slightly mess with it, import into u3dbinread and make it use the regular mesh animations (even though that might not work for the weapon animation and it might just float in the air instead or be corrupted but it could be tried).

Another option and probably much more simpler is to to do it in an actual 3d modelling program. I wish that there were tools made for unreal only without having to use robust programs, to actually combine meshes togethr and such and smoothen it all, but alas not really possible. One way could be first making it a skeletal mesh then converting back etc which probably could solve the weapon issue...
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