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StaticMesh collision in Infiltration

UnrealEd 2.1 (227i) and UnrealEd 2.2 (227j), for Unreal 227. With many additions, bugfixes and improvements. Ask mapping related questions, or give hints, tips and tricks.
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StaticMesh collision in Infiltration

Post by Teromen »

In my map whenever I'm playing stand-off mode if I crouch, as soon as I release the crouch key I fall through the floor lol. Anyone have any ideas?

B.t.w. I created a custom collision for the landscape with a brush that matched it. Hoping that would fix it. Didn't. Only Infiltration seem to do this.
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Re: StaticMesh collision in Infiltration

Post by Kajgue »

Yo Teromen,

I brought this up with .:..: (one of the 227 developers) a while ago in regards to weak static mesh collisions, and a (on the most side) fix was implemented for it that will appear in the upcoming 227Jversion. The fix doesn't resolve the issue entirely, but in a way makes it harder to fall through the static mesh. :O

Hopefully the wait before J is released now won't be too long.

AKA - ( T : S : B ) Ice-Lizard
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