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Inf 2.75 for UT

Anything related to the Infiltration mod for UT

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Inf 2.75 for UT

Post by oZ »

did beppo do most of the work for INF 2.75 for UT? NOT 2.86.  the weapons wont reload by them selves LIKe oldunreal styles inf, u gota have the mod installed to set a key, and in the inf.ini for ut it says autoreload to true and it doesnt do a thing. i looked everywhere in the ini's very closely, a  couple times.

i want people who dont have the mod to be able to connect, which they can, i tested , but they cant reload if they dont have the mod installed.

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Re: Inf 2.75 for UT

Post by Kalec979 »

I want to make the AfricaAssault skins.
With different camouflages maybe as well seminude femalesodier.
But why dont work any INF maps with V75?
(which is under us said the best version for weapon replace...)
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Re: Inf 2.75 for UT

Post by KeeperUTX »

Infiltration Africa Skins?

That would be c00l ;)
Azhir uval nutarus. Azhir mudas ethanul. Dalektharu il dask daku. Riftuuz e thara samanar utamus. Elas umanes azarathan rakas ibna.
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Raven of Rime
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Re: Inf 2.75 for UT

Post by Raven of Rime »

Quick question, are there active INF servers? I cannot find any.
I have CE and I'm kinda bored with playing botmatches...
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