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Classic LMS

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Classic LMS

Post by Leo T_C_K »

Classic LMS

This is a modified Last Man Standing gametype that is made to be like the Last Man Standing in the 220 and 221 versions of UT "beta" content. I did incorporate however changes that were made to the gametype since so it is more "modern" than the old code.

What this is in practice is like usual, except you can pickup weapons and I recommend to turn on the coop weapon mode on, but if you feel like not doing that, then be my guest.

I do have a simple question though. Did someone make a team version of Last Man Standing yet? Also perhaps someone made something like this ages ago without knowing LMS started like this. But I was considering revisiting the "Regicide" idea and could make it into something like "King of The Fortress" or something gametype.

If you'll start refering me to "battle royale" or whatever I am not interested in that, as such, because it comes with tons of extra rules/features whatever. I want to make things simple and oldskool, but there are some things I am not sure how to exactly balance. I'd just like to know if there was ever a team LMS or not.
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