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Steele Dawn - the Lost Expansion pack - uncovered

Posted: Sun May 23, 2021 6:36 am
by Leo T_C_K
This is a combination of posts I made elsewhere. Scroll down entirely if you want my system file conversions for modern unreal/ut.

I have some good news though. While this isn't the "goldmine" from one of my earlier contacts, I did get a more or less full steele dawn from the guy behind Spantobi: Unexpected Threat pack for Unreal who also worked on this and Strike Force.

He later went on to make professional games but no longer with Unreal engine. ... rId,74584/

Either way here is what he had of steele dawn, its quite a lot, even though some things as the "proto predator" seen here ... ots_m.html
are missing. All of the maps are there in some form even though crista's personal version was later version but not by much. Its a more complete package than the individual ones I got for unreal psx decade ago that's for sure, but this pack was a lot more compact after all. Not sure what the password for the inner archive with crista stuff is though but we probably have that map anyways even if not the same version, however if someone cracks the archive please let me know.
And I still haven't played/tried them due to me having to wait for someone to make space here/get equipment, if that happens soon enough that is...

I am glad that I got them even if I can't check it out right now (which is why someone playing through it could be useful and making videos)

Here's the old stuff by Crista for comparison, recovered about ten years ago.

It was just her map but a later version of it, in You can see that the same happened to the jolly roger map done by Doze (E. Gustavsson). Because they tried to switch the project to 224 by 1999, but obviously didn't do it fully. Do the system files work on 224 or only on 220 btw? Or what version did you try it on? They will have to be converted if they don't work on 224. I plan on making a fixed/coop version of this.

It lacks that monster but it has a human pirate enemy, which could have been easily done instead with male1 and custom skin, but I guess they wanted new model but someone should convert it from .max at least do dxf because there's no direct max to .3d tool out there. There is dxf to 3d though.

Most of the team members have lost their files and unless Ken Post gets back there is no chance of more stuff, plus people like Roger Tweedle are dead.

EDIT: there's also this that i didnt apparently back up on NP
that was just personal stuff by Crista. it includes the revanant shrine map that is passworded in that one archive however it might be a different version.
It was that tundra edited map, i partially used it for upsx rework together with the lavaplant map (when it looked like there will never be more steele dawn stuff) in order to fill up a missing map part and because the themes got similar. But if you played upb-e1l5d1 you might remember it got played backwards and with some changes and we didn't use the steele dawn textures at all.
EDIT2: yea it says it is revenant shrine 4 so its most likely identical, as the map in this file
EDIT3: I'm gonna ask Neil Munday if his river ruins map is latest in this or not. He was unclear to me whether he had anything or not of his work so I'm gonna try to contact him again and see if he responds.
He only gave me impression of a very busy man but he said it is a "great idea" if I'd recover/finish up the SteeleDawn project.

I believe the system files will work fine on 220 though, which is also what the original unreal psx was on. Try it there if you can.
If I can get Unreal to run within the time I have left, I will convert steeledawn.u myself. if not, there is a method I have been using the last few times, is to export all classes in the 220 editor (the psx version or one of them because regular 220 never worked right for me), strip out the code from individual classes, resave, load in 224+, paste in the code and properties (difficult with subclasses as you have to repeat it from the parentclass first and then the subclass properties because it won't get propagated due to variables not existing at that time/the values being cleared out) and then recompile and resave again, an alt method is to export resources from stripped down version in ou's 227i and recompile everything including models and the exported scripts from 220.
replying to gamesharder with his shots comparison (he should re-post that here later):

The starport map looks almost identical. The jolly roger map, there are two versions of the same map, one for earlier ver and one for 224, which one did you take the screenshot of? Does none of the two look like the original? I find that the original shot in this case had more detail instead of the other way around, the only real improvement I see on the planet head map.

btw if necessary spoiler tags could be used i guess to hide the pictures so that only when you click on a spoiler button it gets revealed or so. If you don't want to post so many images. The starport map changed the least, I only see few texture changes and a little extra detail at the panels but the panels are there even in the original shot just difficult to see.

But yea this was an expansion pack, meant to be released for free but originally maybe not, but I can gurantee you it would appear as extra on some editions of Unreal or cover discs of magazines. Even if it wasn't an official Epic pack, it still holds up, kinda like quake 2 zaero except made earlier instead of later.

I really like that old jolly roger and I'm kinda sad it changed the theme so much honestly but then again there are two versions so I hope one of them is closer to that shot.

It reminds me how some of the psx maps also had detail removed as it went on for optimization reasons. Some maps got more detail(the less detailed ones) while others had it removed while still looking more polished. But this wasn't meant for a console but I guess something still happened to have it changed. I know the story changed too despite us not having the story from this revision.
Oh I see. Too bad we didn't see the one on the picture then.

I'm asking him why it was changed so much or if he has that version anywhere as a possibility.

EDIT: So the steeledawn.u file is pre-220. Maybe it works best on Unreal 219 or something given the creation of the file. It had obviously later revisions, so the proto predators were in later versions and I guess only Jess Crable might have that if he can be reached still. Ten years ago he did respond to delacroix and me but I haven't heard of him since. If anyone wants to give it a try go ahead.

So basically in steeledawn there are the two weapons plus one new monster, sdlavabeast which acording to the script can turn into a puddle and grow is a titan variant
pelle.umx is missing that the latest jolly roger map is using, but i'm asking Doze if he has the file or not.

I'm also trying to contact Ken Post again because his sound files aren't there from the looks of it or the custom sounds for the weapons as the system file is really too early(looking at the binary file there might only be one new sound). So, cross your fingers that it goes well. Otherwise we might be stuck with these inferior versions.

But it might be a long while especially because of difficulty of travel during these times. So I hope he hasn't given up completely.

EDIT: ... dlvls.html
That levels list, unlike the story page, reflects the last reshuffling of the levels and crista's level takes place before jeff miner's. Its curious how jeff miner's level very much different from tenrak or rajalcast that he did before...
also this calls it Seriate IV the planet and not moon Io like in the other story revision.

its also possible that you were supposed to play the map twice, the stronghold one but from different entry/exit points.

edit2: no response yet from anyone well even if nothing more is found at least a sizable chunk of steele dawn is now out there as opposed to last time.
Below are the conversions..

Well again the thing known as real life is interfering with me. I had the only chance to run unreal/unrealed in months now so I managed to convert the steele dawn system files from pre-220 versions into modern Unreal, they also work with UT (but not with botpack/tourtnament deathmatch).


Read the text file. Also I didn't have time to play all the levels myself so I'm still thankful for yrex's stream. However a big discovery was made, well I thought my memory is faulty as in I'd swear I saw the rooms of the later reworked theme jolly roger somewhere and I thought that perhaps it was spantobi unexpected threat and that Doze reworked the jolly roger to match it but its the other way around.

For some reason I was left with impression, maybe due to some map review or something that Unexpected threat was from 1998. It turns out instead that the custom spantobi map by Doze is instead a personal reworked version of Jolly Roger and thus the last version of that map, but made separate from the Steele Dawn expansion pack. It also explains the presence of skaarj technology due to the pirate/skaarj alliance.
It makes me wonder how many other maps out there started as part of expansion pack. The only other very obvious thing would be wreck of urania, mp_01. That seemed like an almost outright leaked map if you ask me.

So, there's been an expansion map all along out there, without anyone realizing/knowing. Cool, eh?
Tip for the Vegra map:
Open it with ?game=noweapon.noweapon
Otherwise the steeledawn file due to the unfinishedness/maybe the commented out stuff makes it blind you after the earthquake. the sdplayer class also has some default values that might contribute to this madness.

But yea its a short but sweet map, too bad we didn't see it finished more

Re: Steele Dawn - the Lost Expansion pack - uncovered

Posted: Sun May 23, 2021 11:27 am
by Gamesharder
Here are the comparison shots:
(I tried my best being in the same spot when I took the images ;D)

Planet Head map:
► Show Spoiler
River Ruins map:
► Show Spoiler
StarPort/Communications Center map:
► Show Spoiler
The Jolly Roger map:
► Show Spoiler

Re: Steele Dawn - the Lost Expansion pack - uncovered

Posted: Sun May 23, 2021 2:10 pm
by Leo T_C_K

Btw there were also few images of the weapons being showcased at the beginning of crista's map, but i wonder if that changed or not.

I suppose that's difficult to replicate it but now you technically can given the weapons avaiable. There are two versions of the crista's lava plant map(well three if you count what me and co did with it for rise of jrath etc) plus those shots with the qacannon.

Its really a bizarre weapon though when used against enemies.

The shotgun is a bit of a blunderbuss like affair but it might have been temporary given the chunks are called testchunk and testchunk2 (which calls the bloodsplat something that for some reason appears in 227 as well but as a different actor (decal i guess). But yea maybe it would be best for it to fire "unquadshot" like shell together with these chunks. It was supposed to be one of the first weapons you get so it is quite weak but I honestly expected qacannon to be a little more useful myself.

the sdlavabeast is funky too

Re: Steele Dawn - the Lost Expansion pack - uncovered

Posted: Mon May 24, 2021 9:07 am
by Leo T_C_K
For some reason I can't edit my last post, I guess the time has expired for me to do that or somethin

Well I will use the opportunity to post a new link:
fixed two maps

It doesn't work yet but it will later today so come back to download it later. Just two of the unbuilt geometry maps rebuilt so they can be played fine. You can try the unfinished second dm map together with summoning the new weapons even though it has a single playerstart i believe so you have to run away from there asap.

postedit: Actually I learned to use the weapons more effeciently in the meantime. the qacannon's secondary is just to slow enemies down so that is why it fires primary right after to give it a nudge and best is to damage the enemy first with other weapon then finish up with qa's primary because he will explode into gibs sooner or later unless the enemy is bisboss in which case funny stuff happens, also for dm this weapon keeps the enviroment map flag after someone respawns which is not good lol.

Re: Steele Dawn - the Lost Expansion pack - uncovered

Posted: Tue Jun 08, 2021 3:55 pm
by Leo T_C_K
There are chances to recover more of steele dawn including the lost models now. But I need to get people in touch with each other to make it happen it appears. But a lot more files have been found, not shared yet because the person who has them wasn't on the team to say the least, however it will be difficult to get touch in with some members I guess, but at least one person should be sufficient. I'll leave this up in the air, another news is that there is another Unreal addon I never knew about. Well, I knew about it but assumed it was a separate game. Turns out it was more of an expansion pack/spinoff to be published by Wizardworks. Its possible that Steele Dawn could end up on some compilation by wizardworks too, however Level Infinity did develop it in mind to be free, especially after bad experiences with Twin Dragon and having to have secured the rights back from the publishers.

Re: Steele Dawn - the Lost Expansion pack - uncovered

Posted: Sat Jun 12, 2021 4:31 am
by Leo T_C_K
Well, the person having the ftp backup (don't wanna reveal name yet to avoid any potential sabotages of this stuff) has been granted permission by the members of the team and wanted to upload it, so he asked me to give him a space except I didn't have any at the time but I told him I'll ask a few people, so the first one that set something up was strategy otherwise I told him of alternative solutions before.

However since then (now two days ago) no reply anymore, but I hope that things have been just busy its just I made time fr this and I might be leaving soon again without postponment so I informed him about it. Hopefuly it will work out, it has to.

But he did seem reluctant to share the wizardworks addon, but even without the more complete steele dawn would be really great. I understand if he didn't want to release something that Epic vetoed in the end. Even though, they must have been confused as confused Travolta because they were told at first that Epic was ok with it, gti and wizardworks had a deal and when annoucement came it all collapsed because someone at Epic suddenly didn't like it. Even though the project was already underway and stuff.

Whatever the case I hope this all works out now.

Re: Steele Dawn - the Lost Expansion pack - uncovered

Posted: Tue Jun 15, 2021 5:26 am
by Leo T_C_K
Well I guess its safe for me to reveal now that joe wilcox and co. hosted ftp space for steeledawn and there was one backup he had so after checking with the members of the team if its ok to share, we got more historical steele dawn stuff. Now I haven't even had chance to extract everything, there are different and newer system files (which makes my earlier conversions obsolote), I don't know if the proto predators are in any ofthe files, they might or might not be. What's for sure is that the jolly roger level is now more complete im assuming the screenshot version is here, plus theres a newer version of stronghold. For fans of "planethead", there wasn't any version on this backup unfortunately, but its all there will likely be still unless Ken comes back one day with his stuff. I also don't know if the later steeledawn system files run still in versions before 220 or its already 220, no clue there...

there are also older versions of other maps and it seems there's more of the second dm map which i assumed was discntinued early on.

So please enjoy what there is, its a great recovery and opportunity to look at an abrupptly stopped but significant project. Hopefuly the future might still hold something for us, like one of the other cancelled addons for Unreal or two..because there are still people with confirmed files for them. We'll have to see.

steele dawn

Re: Steele Dawn - the Lost Expansion pack - uncovered

Posted: Tue Jun 15, 2021 7:49 am
by Hellkeeper
This is always fascinating because I can't keep an old email for a week before losing it and these guys have ftp backups of 20 years ago.
Good work, it's amazing all the contacts you manage to get.

Re: Steele Dawn - the Lost Expansion pack - uncovered

Posted: Tue Jun 15, 2021 1:12 pm
by Leo T_C_K
While I couldn't try it yet i was at least exploring the code and comparing. The SteelDawn.u (a change from steeledawn suddenly, even though the name of the pack was meant to be steele after the main character brandon steele).
Well, this one seems to me will work on version 220, it has a lot more stuff, it has joe wilcox's code as well (some of which ended up in UPak, again) from his previous project, it has something we never saw before like interactive screens/puzzles, not sure if they are used in any map probably not but we at least see what they were planning for. It has a new weapon parentclass for some reason, like tournamentweapon in ut. I suppose this was done in case they felt they needed to change behavior in particular weapon. But the only really new weapon apart from shotgun and qacannon seems to be a greandelauncher that probably lacks its own model or uses another model. So yea the "third obligatory" weapon to be in steele dawn was another version of grenadelauncher....because after all it can't be an expansion pack without a third new weapon right?
The comments suggest they wanted to add more ammo type for eightball, which would be a nuke rocket in altfire, like the redeemer.

But its hard to tell which idea came from the cancelled expansion pack prior to this or not...its a real amalgamation at this point and the proto predators are still lacking and probably lost forever if Ken Post won't get back (if he had it), or Jess Crable won't be gotten hold of again.

EDIT: Actually shotgun is even missing from the 220 steeldawn file as opposed to steeledawn but not all weapon subclasses were even in at that point....
But the name change and all this...makes me confused


Re: Steele Dawn - the Lost Expansion pack - uncovered

Posted: Tue Jun 15, 2021 7:17 pm
by Gamesharder
Awesome, it's also safe to say that with this newly recovered pack we'll be able to finish Steele Dawn to be a whole game ;D
Thank you again for putting the effort into recovering it.
I can confirm that this latest pack you recovered includes the "more" decayed Jolly Roger we all wanted to see.
Version 70, 127 and 133 looks exactly like on the OG screenshots

There's new official screenshots too:

► Show Spoiler
Jolly Roger
► Show Spoiler

Re: Steele Dawn - the Lost Expansion pack - uncovered

Posted: Tue Jun 15, 2021 7:21 pm
by Leo T_C_K
Thanks, yea...I do hope that Joe will change his mind and share the A World Gone Dead project, which might have had other names at some point given some references in the system files recovered now. That was the project name of the wizardworks addon and actually given the little bits we have looked like it was actually the one decent project of Creative Carnage and that the "two week" stuff known as Extreme Paintbrawl is nothing compared to it. Too bad they only got known for that project they were contracted to make and not their real original production. I mean Creative Carnage already got credit on RtNP but it looks more and more now that the original project was just too good on its own including interactive puzzles of the kind that only modern mods do and more. So I think it'd improve the reputation of the long dead company if anything. Even if it was unfinished. But given that the little bits we have suggest that it really took place in the unreal world/future and it wasn't like I imagined originally that it was like some zombie shooter in the past or present like left for dead or something(wasnt helped by the fact that Ken compared it to L4D i guess because of some inventory system), but indeed a futuristic more horror based unreal with zombies.

What do you think?

Re: Steele Dawn - the Lost Expansion pack - uncovered

Posted: Tue Jun 15, 2021 7:33 pm
by Gamesharder
Honestly, I don't know
I'd like to see too what they've made with that project, it sounds interesting.
I can imagine a L4D styled Unreal for sure ;D

Re: Steele Dawn - the Lost Expansion pack - uncovered

Posted: Tue Jun 15, 2021 7:58 pm
by Leo T_C_K
Yea well, except not really L4D but I guess they had some ideas way before L4D came along. Like I believe Joe mentioned that the zombies would often drop some "consumables" for the player or health. I suppose the consumables might be equivalent to pills from L4D, even though I actually never played L4D myself only saw others playing it.

And I suppose that the feel of it was really more like resident evil or silent hill (as joe said) than L4D.

Re: Steele Dawn - the Lost Expansion pack - uncovered

Posted: Wed Jun 16, 2021 11:26 am
by Gamesharder
Ah I see.
Well, I'm down for some (even more) atmospheric Unreal action with horror ;D
Just imagine this psychological horror mixed with Unreal and the music of Silent Hill... damn
And also it would be TPS

Re: Steele Dawn - the Lost Expansion pack - uncovered

Posted: Wed Jun 16, 2021 11:30 am
by Leo T_C_K
Well, I heard that there was custom music for the project, probably a lot of tracks, actually composed by Ken Post himself, so...*shrugs*

Given that the cutseq stuff and others were developed for this project even prior to creation of the Unreal Directors Suite, this would mean that the project probably utilized those to the max.

Re: Steele Dawn - the Lost Expansion pack - uncovered

Posted: Wed Jun 16, 2021 3:12 pm
by Gamesharder
Is there any screenshots on the A World Gone Dead project?

Re: Steele Dawn - the Lost Expansion pack - uncovered

Posted: Wed Jun 16, 2021 3:34 pm
by Leo T_C_K
No, unfortunately I am not aware of any but acording to Joe Wilcox, it was announced at some point so maybe you can find it via wayback machine on some old news sites. But then someone at Epic didn't like the fact it was announced already or at all because he wasn't aware of the project existing.

And I don't know if it was third person shooter but I assumed it was just fps just with some custom stuff but mostly still unreal content/theme in general.

Re: Steele Dawn - the Lost Expansion pack - uncovered

Posted: Fri Jun 18, 2021 5:01 am
by Leo T_C_K
I honestly wonder if any of those old public files are still avaiable somewhere: ... om/unreal/
or this later ut stuff ... eal/files/

Either way I'm augmenting this post with more information.

Joe said that there were some screenshots but they were with the initial press release/coverage only so they might be lost. He hasn't commented if they were on any news sites, it might have been in some magazines only, I dunno.

But it was FPS, it wasn't TPS or smething top down like Unloaded (even though Unloaded was by some creative carnage members like c0mpile - who also worked on other projects and studios). And I believe he was one of the people who I learned UScript from thanks to those tutorials and stuff.

Re: Steele Dawn - the Lost Expansion pack - uncovered

Posted: Thu Jun 24, 2021 11:17 am
by Leo T_C_K
This was still posted by gamesharder elsewhere:

The other files can be downloaded from the wayback site
to which I responded with

Oh, thanks for the dukeworld link, lots of those should be checked what beloings to Unreal, but ctb10a.exe should be capture the base, this version was thought to be lost too for some time...well if you can confirm it is indeed what i think it is. There might be more there....

EDIT: Wow it has the legacy flyby/demo stuff that works on Unreal. I kept looking for that again forever, I thought it was lost. There might be more but I don't have the bandwith to check this over.

the uds3beta zip i looked for also, that used to be just avaiable there.

so it was cutsequences.u that was the thing then. it wasn't actually called carnagecam on itself. I saw this file used in various mods like ctb i think.

My new post now: ... l%20Add-on

This is the only surviving announcement of World Gone Dead and there are four more news about it including that it was still in developement basically (until it was quietly cancelled later).

But obviously it was Mark Rein that didn't "authorize" it as such. here are news about n64dd port cancellation btw

something about the dreamcast port, with no mention who even developed it: ... /4149.html

Abyss of Pandemonium Update [10:42 PM EDT]
The Impel Productions page has a version 1.07 update patch for their Abyss of Pandemonium Quake mission pack, as well as two new maps, and an updated GameSpy tab. Word is they're currently working on a yet-to-be-licensed Unreal project.
So apparently there was also a project by Impel, I did talk to someone of them before so I'll try to establish contact again if he knew about this. However that's one more addon pack to count then that never released, I wonder if its already one of the known ones, I suspect that "invasion of na pali" could be linked to this too and might have been an impel project after all, I dunno...its all speculation now how it was called or what.

Re: Steele Dawn - the Lost Expansion pack - uncovered

Posted: Thu Jul 08, 2021 11:28 am
by Victor Delacroix
Suggestion: maybe A World Gone Dead has earned a topic of its own, now that there are details about it, despite no download link?

Also, you can PM me with the hardware requirement you have in order to be able to work on stuff. I am not sure WHEN exactly I will be able to help, but I may have a spare laptop, once I finish fixing it up.

Re: Steele Dawn - the Lost Expansion pack - uncovered

Posted: Thu Jul 08, 2021 2:41 pm
by Leo T_C_K
Well there aren't really any more news or details on AWGD and Joe actually refused to share what he could find of AWGD without telling me a reason why. So unless some miracle happens we will never see AWGD again, except for the leftover stuff in steele dawn and in the old uds demo sources like the crosshair graphic etc.

The problem is more that I don't have a thing to put a laptop on right now, no small table or anything, i'm swarmed with boxes instead, no closets and our own closets and tools and personal things were stolen into the storage and the time is running out, they might start purging it soon if we don't get anyone to empty it then there's a question of payment for storage, it just became impossible in this situation. There was no warning upfront they'd clear out the flat in february because the owner got problems with the hypothecary with bank and all the financial stuggles brought by the whole covid situation. It became completely impossible and then when i fianlly set up stuff at my grandmother's place by extending the dinner table and could work on stuff provisionally again, shit happened during an argument with my mom to either get with us to a police station and show them the proof that they are not communicating or that stuff gets re-bought and like presto. And because she refused to be any bit of fleixible to solve the difficult situation and got hysterical and bla bla zeur left the place and i kept entering and leaving and slamming the door and trying to find alternative solution to the problem and when i got told to fetch him back and when i was entering back with him to calm the situation they were not answering instead police/ambulance was called on us to take us to psychiatric hospital for evaluation if we're dangerous and again it turned out i am not "dangerous for society" but afterwards i spent week in a forest without a roof above the head because i couldn't go back or anywhere in practice...

then again I am not sure why I am relaying all this here

Re: Steele Dawn - the Lost Expansion pack - uncovered

Posted: Thu Jul 08, 2021 6:52 pm
by Leo T_C_K
I sent this as part of a pm but I might as well post it here because it gets back to the topic of steele dawn and the reused scripts from AWGD.

[url=]uds3beta[/url] edit: why is this broken, because its not https?
that has in the source files the crosshair for sniper even though it is not imported, but the steeldawn.u for 220 does make use of it apparently (even though i couldn't try it in practice i did view the files as text so i could see the code).
It checks for bzoom something when csplayer is used, so that whenever the player zooms with a specific weapon that switches that variable (which was only present in awgd to begin with but they didn't clean up the code) on his hud will appear that crosshair. This is a very different approach than the ut sniper rifle that draws the crosshair directly and not within a hud class tied to a gametype or playerpawn. It is unique and yet...we were prevented from seeing the origins of all this at a whim of a moment. To see the actual origin of all that instead of the butcher job that return to na pali made out of the original scripts, etc.

edit: I'm starting to get the feeling that some people I might tick off by bursting a bubble about their own incorrect memory or w/e. what a shame

edit2: also nobody yet ran 3ds2unr on the pirate model archive from joe's archive for some reason. To convert it to 3d, hell even if it was in dfx or obj it would have helped but i guess 3ds2unr is the only solution with these old 3ds files. (i asked multiple people but they tended to get annoyed at the proposal or just stayed silent)
one of the archives only has the max project file and concept art but the other has the actual frames as 3ds files
its so much difficult to also be on a phone connection and constantly watch the bandwith because of the data

Re: Steele Dawn - the Lost Expansion pack - uncovered

Posted: Fri Jul 09, 2021 11:51 am
by Victor Delacroix
3ds2unr on some model from Joe's archive? I'll look through it and see what I can do.

Re: Steele Dawn - the Lost Expansion pack - uncovered

Posted: Fri Jul 09, 2021 2:46 pm
by Leo T_C_K
Yes otherwise using old 3dsmax is the option but since the tool exists and is described for example here:

With all avaiable tools it would have been even fine if the models were in dxf format or obj but yea they are in *.3ds files in the pirate archive in Models/Pirate01/

the plain contains a .max file that's without anims and a concept art and uv maps, but that's not the archive to convert.

Re: Steele Dawn - the Lost Expansion pack - uncovered

Posted: Fri Jul 09, 2021 3:43 pm
by Victor Delacroix
Leo T_C_K wrote: Fri Jul 09, 2021 2:46 pm Yes otherwise using old 3dsmax is the option but since the tool exists and is described for example here:

With all avaiable tools it would have been even fine if the models were in dxf format or obj but yea they are in *.3ds files in the pirate archive in Models/Pirate01/

the plain contains a .max file that's without anims and a concept art and uv maps, but that's not the archive to convert.
Done, but there were warnings:

warning: deathflip.3ds: bad coordinate -130.837723,30.302160,10.296581
warning: deathflip.3ds: bad coordinate -129.383011,26.113689,6.188724
warning: deathflip.3ds: bad coordinate -128.236465,0.435903,-0.303399

Find it attached to the post.