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Now this is retarded (torchflame)

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Leo T_C_K
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Now this is retarded (torchflame)

Post by Leo T_C_K »

Okay so because of all those different versions and me porting/adjusting maps over. I noticed the ctf face on 222 has broken torchflames while they are okay in newer versions. That's because torchflames on 222 used mesh "tflamem" from UnrealShare by default. Guess what, that is the original torchflame mesh. All those fixes were not necessary at all. Like shivaxi's mutator etc. UnrealShare already has the fix, its just swapping flamem for tflamem for the old maps! It was in the package all along! Why did nobody notice? I created oldflamem especially for versions/porting that didn't have it, but I didn't know of this
Hello? What the hell? I mean this could have been investigated long ago and saved all the trouble...

For those old maps with the displaced torchflames all you need to do is set it to tflamem several versions (222 and 224) had that also as default AND also the maps saved on versions 200 to 219. So its not that Epic was switching between flamem random, no they created a duplicate somewhere in the 220plus range (most likely 222) and added that new mesh. Now the retarded thing is that the 222 beta ctf face (saved on 220) has the flames adjusted already(but because of the "fix" internally they appear off again) fuck version control guys...

so yea i even made a fix for ctf face within 222 so it appears alright. But obviously because of this they switched back to FlameM, the oversized one and then it looks alright again, just for ctf face they made this mess...

I'm just speechless now. But see there was an easy fix all along the duplicate of the old flamem called tflamem.

EDIT: and yet...on both ut betas the torchflames are wrong...on ctf face. Because the 221 version uses pre-220 ctf face and it has the old torchflames but 221 didn't have yet the tflamem in unrealshare...AND then the 222 beta that we have, has 220 compatible ctf face...but because of the internal tflamem fix it no longer works...yet the version from 221(219 or something ctf face), will work fine on the ut beta 222...mind boggles
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