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Unreal Classic Games mod (a plan)

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Leo T_C_K
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Unreal Classic Games mod (a plan)

Post by Leo T_C_K »

File: ClassicGames.u

This is a plan of a mod I might make if my life is sufficiently stable and I have time for this.

Basically, I was thinking...all that botpack 220 and 221 stuff is nice, but perhaps something in similar spirit should be created but get rid of most of the botpack stuff except for doubleautomag (but take a fixed version from rysweps2) and udamage maybe and an optional pulsegun from 221 (with a setting to replace stinger, but the code should be used from the 222/rysweps2 version as its more up to date and might fix the animation errors, except for the leddisplay stuff of course), maybe even the skin could be altered to make it seem less plastic and more metalic.

But basically there would be apart from classic last man standing also classic ctf (cctf) and classic domination (cdom), not sure if assault can be kept as its more involved but in that case it would be CAS.

Basically just barebones gametypes, I know later versions of uteamfix implemented improvised domination but we want to keep stuff as vanilla as possible.

Apart from the mentioned doubleautomags (there should be a menu/config option to spawn with doubleautomag and separately to replace automags with doubleautomags on exisiting maps, separate options because we want it to be as configurable as possible).

I am describing all this in order for someone to make it in case I won't. Its all pretty simple and most of the code is there just needs to be adjusted a little and things renamed.

Part of this mod should also be classictranslocator.u (but with the mesh from doomreal to keep the unreal hand the same) and peacemaker.u as a super weapon instead of redeemer, but without the "pickup again" functionality and with the proper sounds as they were in doomreal AND just like redeemer you should get 2 or 3 peacemakers at once so its not once use only, this is to mitigate the reuse but also to be more fair.

The jumpmatch option shouldn't be retained I think, but another option should be in its place, namely for the razorclaw weapon to be there instead of 220 impacthammer. Both weapons are very similar in use (more so than regular impacthammer), and I liked that weapon in doomreal, based on the alpha mesh with the lost skin but all new animations. Basically, an option to add this razorclaw into inventory and also separate option to remove dispersionpistol and weaponpowerups (but shouldn't be so by default)....

Now for the visuals. I thiok the ctf flags should not be used as they are from botpack. There is an indication there was an earlier more unrealish model. There is the nonamectf model which could be reused otherwise my idea was to combine the normal flag model and impaler "stick" to create a new flagpole. Since botpack220 resources included both plain flag and even the old translocator mesh its safe to assume they were used at some point before especially with the new variants of the regular flag skin. Speaking of that there should be an option in the mod to switch between plain unreal flag skins and the new botpack220 ones...
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