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Oldunreal's Server and Security mods/tools

Here are some Server and Admintools, be sure to read the manuals before using it, some are out of date, and may not be effective anymore against aimbots and cheats. Some mods are having no descriptions here but if you are a serveradmin you must always RTFM anyway if you want to do things right.

Unreal 227

Unlike older versions a lot of time has been spent in adding a new anticheat and security system into 227, it not only checks for common cheats and hacks, it also offers a complete in-game admin menu with kick/tempban and banning options. Unless you need more than that any of the following mods are obsolote, and may not be working anymore. In some cases these mods could even break your Unreal 227 installation!!!
For more information read the admin guide in our wiki: Oldunreal_227_Admin_Guide

Unreal versions up to 226


Nephthys is a native mod for Unreal1 engine based servers allowing for efficient attack blocking, banning, player logging and other features.
Nephthys also is a client-side mod to profit from web hosted downloads. Joining servers with custom maps/mods using Nephthys is by a multiple faster than without Nephthys.
Nephthys may be combined with any game type and any other server mod running simultaneously (except Kerberos)
Nephthys replaces Kerberos completely

Features: (full list see the Nephthys-Documentation):
* Full integration into any game configuration
* Advanced attack blocking
* Bug fixes / work arounds to avoid crashes
* Banning
* Kicking
* Player IP log
* Customized file Upload
* Fast Web Download for Clients
* Advanced Server Query
* Advanced Master Server Uplink
* UScript Interface allowing for custom mods

Nephthys supports:
* Unreal 224v, Unreal 225f, Unreal 226b (Gold), Unreal 226f
* Deus Ex 1110 (1112fm)
* Rune 107, Rune 108 (108 HoV)

Nephthys requires:
* Windows 98/ME, Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
* Linux running Wine
* Linux natively (Rune only)
* Nephthys is NOT natively available for Mac.

Key changes since Nephthys v1.3 (complete list in the included manual):
* Nephthys is now available for Unreal1, Deus Ex, Rune
* Challenge/response connection checking
* Support for web server introduced (separate package)
* Packages are checked before loading; new commandlet
* Self-deleting bans (after a configurable time)
* Subnet attack detection and banning
* First detections of attacks towards clients
* Bug fixes
* Archives of type .uz are now supported
* New uscript API functions

File(s): Nephthys_v1.3_inst.zip
File(s): (Windows) Nephthys_v1.4_inst.zip
File(s): (Linux Rune only) Nephthys-1.4-Rune-107-Linux-i386.tar.gz
File(s): Nephthys_v1.5a018_inst.zip
Manual (external): Nephthys-1.4 manual


UProtector is a cheat detection mod for unreal servers. It will check unreal packages loaded on each player intensively, and kick them if a cheat (or an unknown package) is found.
Uprotector is also a servertool that will make running your server easier (hopefully :)). It can launch a server and keep it running. It can automatically recompile it's packages every day to ensure extra anti-hack protection.

File(s): UProtector098b.zip
File(s): UProtector098b_no_exe.zip


This is a SIMPLE yet very efficient client spawning machine. Programs like hackbusta and a lot of other protective/client mod programs require an actor to be spawned over the client playerpawn.

File(s): GenericClientSpawnerd2.zip

File(s): GenericClientSpawnerd2with connectionlimiter.zip

Minor Unreal Client Corrections

1) Purge cache
Many users do not know that their cache gets cleared after 30 days by default. It is easy to overcome, simply by setting the "PurgeCacheVariable" to 0 in the Unreal.ini - then, downloaded files stay forever and save someone bandwidth(server AND client), time and frustration.

2) Netspeed
Again something people widely do not know is, that the "MaxClientSpeed" setting is completely ineffective in Unreal at the point when players join the first time. They overrule the server setting and their speed setting goes! This is a stupid bug, pff, shame on Epic :(

File(s): MUCLC.zip

The Unreal Server DOWNLOAD Enabler/Disabler


File(s): Udl.zip

UTeamFix Series

Introduction - What is this?

Well, my original intention when I started with UTeamFix was to create a patch for the TeamGame mode for Unreal (hence the name UTeam). At some point I added a DeathMatch mode but was too lazy to abandon the name... so just counted up the versions.

People made all sorts of suggestions, and the number of features and bugfixes grew. In some areas I think the last public version (9b) has even grown way beyond its original intention. Mind you, I wanted a PATCH but a number of Unreal Tournament (*cough*) features made it into it, which is why some people look at UTeamFix as MOD rather than as PATCH.

I cannot blame them... there is lots of stuff in it which does not belong to Unreal, like the AirControl. What is pissing me off greatly is that nowadays even clan-matches are fought with Unreal Tournament AC settings (0.35) which is NONSENSE because Unreal matches have an AC setting of 0.05! If you want to play with AC 0.35 that's fine, but not in Unreal clan matches - or you have to declare them Unreal MOD matches! That does not mean different air control settings should never be used, UGold even has settings of 0.4 in some game-modes, but you should be aware of the fact it is no longer original Unreal if you use the patch in this way! So official clan matches should be fought with default settings in my humble opinion. LOL you complain about non-original content... wasn't it YOU who wanted the spawn-protection in?

YEP... but unlike Quake or other FPS, Unreal is one of the few 3D shooters where the default gun truly sucks. People argument you CAN hit / kill with the Dispersion Pistol. That's true, but only in theory. You cause precisely 15 points of damage with one normal shot (multiply with 1,5 in hardcore) and that's it. If you charge it up full you can cause considerable damage (short foot-bursts deal 1 to 2 points of damage) but it takes ages to load up fully and the overall hitrate with it is lousy... This gun is mostly USELESS in multiplayer... period! Unreal Tournament has spawn protection too!

Strange huh... on the one side I don't want UT features in it, then again I defend another. What? Spawn protection is a UT feature?? Don't our so called old-school 1773s keep claiming UT is a pure frag-fest... lol dream on! Yes, spawn protection exists on some UT servers too. You will recognize it by the fact that you will not die the millisecond you spawn while some Rifle-camper tries to pop your head off...
So... what does this patch fix then?

Lots! Here are some examples:

* The Gold skins will now be used correctly
* Scoreboard takes more players than just 16
* TONS of Accessed None fixes

Extra features which are Unreal-style?

Apart from the UT discussion, there are quite a number of practical additions which do not make this mod/patch go away from Unreal when they are used:

* Skaarj Trooper team skins
* Alternate Human team skins (better visible)

Is this going to take over the place of UCop2 which will likely never see the light of day anyway?

UCop2 is a cheat protection. UTeamFix is a patch. The 2 have nothing in common... or not much. You may encounter some details from it in here of course.
I don't like all this new crap - I want to play Unreal pure

So do I! Sadly not all admins seem to share this thought and sell you MOD settings for standard (see AirControl issue above). But... keep in mind how this patch is used in the end is completely up to the administrator of the server it is being used on. If you don't like the settings as given on a particular server, go somewhere else.

I sincerely do hope, however, that admins are very careful about settings and mark their servers - like adding [AC] in the server name as I have already seen some intelligent admins do :-)

File(s): UTeamFix9b_LKickBanInterface_upd_01.zip

File(s): UTeamFix_R8.zip

File(s): UTeamFix_R9.zip

File(s): UTeamFix_R9b.zip

File(s): UTeamFix9D_t3_PUBLIC.zip

File(s): UTeamFix_9F_public.zip

File(s): UTeamFix_10_Alpha5_dist.zip

File(s): wolf/UTeamFix_10_pub.zip

File(s): UTeamFix_10B_pub.zip

File(s): UTeamFix_10B_pub_NO_MANUAL.zip

File(s): UTeamFix_10E_pub.zip

File(s): UTeamFix_10F_pub.7z

File(s): UTeamFix_10G_pub.zip

File(s): UTeamFix_10H_pub.zip


Sometimes map makers are idiots or morons and make silly crap in their maps. Still, their maps make it in into the world without the map makers ever correcting their maps. Without the need to redo a map or save it to a new file, some bugs can be corrected during runtime (not too many though).
However, this mod corrects some minor bugs on maps (see below), just run it, and keep your maps untouched.

File(s): WAMapBug_03.zip


What is WFlexMap ?

It is a small Unreal mod. It replaces the maplist any "normal" Game Type uses. It does NOT affect the maplist in your original ini files, but WFlexMap simply lets Unreal ignore all maps in your original maplist and uses its own.

Why use this one instead of the normal maplist? Simple... the normal unreal MapList class supports 32 maps to be stored and cycled through, after which the cycle will restart from the beginning. In effect, WFlexMap allows a map cycle of exactly 10000 maps per server, allowing larger cycles and lengthened fun... in addition, WFlexMap2 allows you a much more flexible map selection by its ability to choose maps depending on the playerload, rather than just putting up one map stupidly after the other... read the Notes/Features list for more stuff this maplist does better than the normal MapList.

File(s): WFlexMap_v2_3_dist.zip

File(s): WFlexmap_v2_5_dist.zip

File(s): WFlexMap2.6.zip


Players can vote on (up to 32) maps on the server, and whether or not to skip it. In order for a player to activate voting he has to say "mapvote" (not teamsay).
If no one casts a map vote, the normal map cycle takes place.
It has a lot of restrictions to it, to summarize, you can only do map voting if you are in game, alive and in a normal state. Spectators cannot do map vote...
If you are CheatFlying, dead, or the game already ended, map voting cannot be done anymore. As I said this is not as good as in UT. The Unreal one engine has a lot less possibilities than UT... yet I think this is about as good as it gets..

File(s): WMapVote_beta2.zip
File(s): WMapVote_050_pub.zip


What is a mutator? Basically, it's something which changes how a game behaves. Unreal Tournament (UT) has a lot of built in mutators in those BonusPacks, like "this weapon only, fatboy, instagib....". This means you can play as you always can, but some attributes of your game will be different :)

File(s): WMutate_dist_v1_1.zip

File(s): WMutate_v1_12_dist.zip


File(s): antibot01.zip

File(s): antibot02.zip

File(s): anticheat.zip(includes chat.u)


File(s): BP4.zip




Console Checker

File(s): Hackbusta1.2.zip

File(s): Hackbusta2.zip

File(s): hb3-5.zip

File(s): hb3_5.5.zip

File(s): hb3_build_5.5scramble_install.zip

File(s): hb3_build_5_install.zip

Inf Cheat Detector

File(s): ICD14.zip (contains IPLogger as well)


IPLogger is a dual server/client package that allows ip logging and banning. Currently, there are no remote admin capabilities built in to the tool but this seems to be its only major fault.

File(s): IPLogger0.3_beta.zip

Kerberos (old, you should use its successor nephthys instead)

* Mutator solution: it can be combined with any game type and any other server mods running simultaneously.

* Pure server-side mod: the client does NOT need to download anything nor does even know that there's a security running.

* Ban list may ban IP or IP range.

* Ban blocks a client before PreLogin, so banned clients can't even download stuff from server and thus causing lag.

* Bans may block the client's server query as well so the server becomes invisible to the banned client.

* Automatic logging of IPs and names (IP ranges supported too).
* Special handling for DoS attacks (fast query attack + fast connect attack), which result in automatic ban.

* Special handling for DDoS attacks (fast query attack + fast connect attack), which result in a temporary block of all new connections.

* Special handling for multiple fast logins, resulting in a DoS attacks and thus in automatic ban.

* Remote admin control.

* Fixed UDP server query mod to block DoS request on server's query port.

* Logging of banned login requests and/or query requests.

* Additional server rules to display at advanced game clients (GameSpy, QTracker).

* Player rules may report bots, spectators and cameras additional to real players.

* Auto-closing multiple connections to same player to avoid server lag with reconnecting fast client computers.

* Server->client download maybe disabled completely or partly (restricted by max. package size) during game play.

File(s): Kerberos_v1.3.zip


This server-side tool kicks and bans clients by I.P. address or name by adding banning commands to Unreal.

File(s): kickban.zip

File(s): kickban_160.zip

File(s): KickBan_162.zip

SmartBallAntiBot SBAB

AutoBan - Pretty obvious. Automatically bans a player if they are caught cheating when set to true. Keep in mind if they are lagging and are kicked for not responding fast enough, the server will not ban them.

AutoKick - Fairly obvious as well. Pretty much the only reason this option is here is for server maintenance or testing the protection. When set to true, a player is kicked if they are caught cheating. This also includes not responding in time.

AllowOneLag - This is for the people who usually lag when they first enter the server. It allows every player to not respond in time ONE time only. So if they lag out for their first scan, they won't be kicked and will be successfully scanned the second time. (Note: This includes the "No response was received in time" and "No packages were detected!" messages. Both of these messages can occasionally occur in error, just because someone was lagging.)

AutoLogIps - Logs the ips of every player in the server at certain intervals.

IPCheckIntervals - This sets the interval for the above option; it sets how long to wait before logging the server's players' IP #'s.

CheckIntervals - This sets how long the server should wait before scanning every player. It waits whatever length of time is set here and then starts scans. Keep in mind that it spends 3 seconds on every player, so if you set it to 10 seconds and you have 5 players, it will wait 10 seconds, spend 15 seconds on the players, wait 10 more, then scan again. So in reality the anti waits CheckIntervals + (3 * Total Number of Players).

NumScans - How many times a player is scanned. When CheckIntervals is hit and it begins scans, if a player has already been scanned NumScans times, they are no longer accounted for (unless ScanAlways is set to true - explained below).

ScanAlways - When this is enabled, the NumScans option is ignored. It will always scan whenever the CheckIntervals time has passed, regardless of how many times the client has been scanned already. This is useful for catching bots that can be remotely executed after scans have been complete.

Banned - Obviously, a list of the banned IP #'s. Keep in mind, an IP that is in this list bans the ip itself AND any ips that begin with the same numbers. For example, if the IP is blocked, is blocked as well. Also, when someone is banned, the anti saves their IP AND name in this slot. You will notice the ip is there, then a space, then the name. NEVER delete the space from any of the banned arrays. If you want to manually add in an IP but with no name, be sure to put a space at the end. For example, if you open the ini and type in "", it won't work. You must type " ". If you ban someone in game, don't worry because it takes care of itself for you.

File(s): SBABOT.zip


File(s): ScoreRecover3.zip


Purpose of this mod: server side administration mod to simplify changing some settings either complicated to do otherwise, hard to find or just unpractical to use.

File(s): ServerDog_095.zip

File(s): ServerDog_096.zip


UCop2 is a modification that runs a series of checks on clients that connect to your server and keep a look out for illegal hacks such as aimbots, radars and other malicious cheats. UCop is designed for servers only and will not operate as a client only mod. Although UCop primary function is cheat protection improvements have been made and bugs erased to make unreal more enjoyable, most of which can be enabled disabled at will.

File(s): UCopLite.zip

File(s): UCop.zip

File(s): UCOP2.zip