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Web Administrator interface

Since 227e you get web server with the patch, meaning you can manage the server with a web browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox).

In order to enable WebServer follow these steps:

  • First make sure manager is in ServerActors:

- Open up Unreal.ini
- Find group [Engine.GameEngine] and lines "ServerActors".
- If its not there add this line "ServerActors=UWebAdmin.WebAdminManager"

  • Enable webserver and add admin access password/username:

- Open up WebServer.ini
- Go to group [UWebAdmin.WebAdminManager] and set bEnabled to True (bEnabled=True).
- Go to group [UWebAdmin.SubWebManager] and edit default account "Accounts=(Username="Admin",Password="Admin")" (and if needed, add more lines for more admins to use).
- Go to group [UWebAdmin.WebServer] and set ListenPort to some open HTTP port (port 80 is recommended).

Now to access web admin with your web browser, write in on URL bar your server IP-address and Listen Port number (as defined above)
For example like this:
That should bring up a authorization window asking for username and password, fill in ones you specified on accounts (as in above).